Manakacha is an International Music Production and Art Promotion platform. Combining studio, label & booking activities , Manakacha is an Humantronic's project. With a focus on some highly specialized material, but miles away from a passing fad. If Music is our passion, a special place will be dedicated to spread different kind of Art . Worldwide Artists are invited to present their work in the MNKC ART Gallery.“This is a project deeply rooted in its own era, the child of a new tech . Sincere and unusual, part of the current climate only to breathe in some fresh oxygen”


Manakacha artists are bookable through Manakacha booking agency.Don't hesitate to contact us for availability. booking@manakacha.com


July 2017 Humantronic Live Residency @ Friche/Marseille

August 2017 Humantronic in Berlin / contact for Booking

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September 2017 : Humantronic - Homequest EP on KMS Records